Teaching about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Languages as a Cross-curriculum Priority

These notes have been complied to support teachers in teaching ABOUT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages as a cross-curriculum priority

When learning and teaching about Australia's first languages, it is vital to work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, groups and communities in your school community.

In addition to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and families in your school, many of the language listings on Gambay include a link to a local Indigenous language centre or program as a point of contact for language advice.

For those languages where a link is not provided, when getting started it will be useful to have conversations with:

  • Indigenous Education Workers in your district, region, state and/or jurisdiction.

  • Local organizations and groups in your area including libraries museums and cultural centres

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural centres.

  • Indigenous Education Consultative Committees in your state.