Nancy Rooke


Wiradjuri country covers a great distance and we are all connected through our love of the land, the animals and the river systems, which are a big part of our country. Local people speak Wiradjuri every day without even realising it. The word for kookaburra is googaburra – it’s a Wiradjuri word!|Bungambrewatha is the Wiradjuri word for Albury. It means to ‘listen to the earth’ and ‘to hear.’ We used to have earthquakes in the around here. They originated in the Alpine region, so we would regularly need to ‘listen to the earth’ to hear the tremors here in Albury.|The town of Urana, which is traditionally spelt Uurranna, means ‘entry’ while Mungabareena means ‘meeting place.’ We use some of the Southern Wiradjuri words here in Albury like garlu, for magpie; jirri jirri for willy wagtail. Then there’s buuja buuja for butterfly, gywain for moon and waargan waargan for crow.